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Dictionary Fix

Postby TSD » September 14th, 2012, 1:26 am

If when you type, you get red lines under all the words then this will help you!

Download these two files to your Tablet:

In a root file manager, move these two files to /system/app/
Move /system/app/ LatinIME.apk out of /system/app/ (if not, it'll appear as a duplicate entry in Settings that doesn't work properly)
Restart your Tablet.

Now go to Settings > Language & Input > and select the Keyboard as UK English.
If you don't you may find the keyboard doesn't appear!

If you use ES File Manager, you will need to go into the ES File Manager settings and mount as Root.
TSD :ugeek:

Credit for this goes to davepwsmith at modaco
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